Vaccine Passports And Human Rights

Human rights are a tricky thing, because one person’s right to do something, invariably infringes on someone else’s right.

It’s a huge debate and I have been known to compromise my rights just to keep the peace with the neighbors or my partner, a boss, and then there are times I dug in my heels and stood my ground. There are issues where I play Switzerland and stay neutral.  Us Canadians are usually pretty agreeable. We are know for being polite, agreeable and just want everyone to get along. In recent years I have seen this changing, its as if Trump’s volatile negativity migrated across the border. But as bad as Trump was, Trudeau is just as bad, he just looked good compared to Trump. He’s better looking and he can form sentences longer than 5 words, in 2 languages! None the less. Maybe he learned from Trump to ignore laws or change laws to suit your agenda. What point is there to having laws that the government can change at will.

Trudeau showed his true colors recently when he declared the first Reconcilliation Day national holiday and then didn’t accept any invitations to attend ceremonies of the indigenous people, not even where the 215 unmarked graves of indigenous children were found only a couple of months prior. No, but he flew to the province and holidayed with HIS children, only a few hours drive away. He might as well have slapped the face of every indigenous person in Canada.

And, now he has brought in vaccine passports and no one can travel on a plane or train in Canada without a passport. All government employees must be vaccinated or they will lose their jobs, all health care workers, and the provinces are left to enact their own restrictions.  The union for the RCMP has stated they support their members who don’t want to get vaccinated, but I never heard another word about what happened with that.

I saw legal documents from the Ontario Human Rights Commission regarding students having to be double vaccinated saying it was contrary to all human rights laws.

I have written Dr Bonny Henry, Mr. Adrian Dix,  and my MLA Mark Strahl. I also wrote a letter to the editor of The Province Newspaper and not heard back from anyone.

I am not a radical anti-vaxxer, anti-masker, or Covid denier. I believe vaccines have done alot of good in the past, I wore masks around sick people long before Covid, after I got so sick from the flu in 2017. And for me, with my heart condition, any flu can be deadly, but the one and only time I got the flu shot is the year I almost died from the flu. For these reason I don’t attend any rallies or demonstrations. For me to attend any event with crowds of people, most without masks would be crazy and just asking for trouble. Facebook censors everything and deletes anything negative. How does anyone say with all certainty what is fact and what isn’t? Why are all the negative things deemed “false” and those of us who question, not even declare anything; simply question the “facts” they insist are the only truth out there; are called conspiracy theorists and crazy?

My experience with a narcissist in an abusive domestic relationship has taught me; the more the abuser points the finger and professing their innocence, and accuses the victim of exactly what they are doing, the more you are being gaslighted.

The only way to save yourself from going crazy,  doubting your own gut instincts and shutting down, is to look at the undeniable facts.

I know from experience that a person who is gaslighted long enough shuts down, grows numb, loses their reality and essentially dies, they give up and resign themselves to they have no power and no escape. Often times they commit suicide because they feel there is no hope of it ever getting better and they can’t see anyway out.

I have found myself triggered alot lately, struggling to keep my sanity and to remain positive, while all around me everyone is lying or twisting the facts.

The other day someone in my family posted on their Facebook that there has been NO deaths from the vaccines. No severe side effects. I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want to get into it. But give me a fucking break!!

The people who report to VAERS are wasting their time, because no matter what they say, the CDC, and WHO, say it’s unproven, that there is no connection. How do you prove without a shadow of doubt that it was the vaccine if you were perfectly healthy prior. Someone who never had a heart condition and has a heart attack after getting the vaccine, could have had undetected heart issues. A person with a heart condition that has a heart attack is dismissed because they had previous health issues. So how do you PROVE it when the people in charge of figuring out if it is a side effect, are biased and have a alterior motive?

I KNOW and my medical records show; my heart was functioning normally right up to the day I got vaccinated. I had arythmea for 3 weeks and then my heart stopped. My heart is functioning at 55% which is exactly what a healthy heart functions at. There is no medical reason for my heart to stop. This information is derived from scientific, medical technology. It is not guessing, hearsay, or me being paranoid. I have 4 years of the history how my heart was functioning and the test results from an EKG, BUT, I am still dismissed by people. Friends tell me, it couldn’t be the vaccine, there is some other explanation. I should try a different vaccine. They use, “I got vaccinated and I’m ok” as proof that the vaccine is totally safe.

Well no shit! I am not saying the vaccine is going to kill everyone immediately. They certainly wouldn’t have gotten 80% of the population to get vaccinated if everyone was dying, would they? Huh? I’m not stupid, I am not irrational.

I AM saying, people should be able to make an educated decision about taking the chance with their health.

I am also saying; if it is so damned safe, why did we all have to sign saying we wouldn’t go back on the pharmaceutical company if we do have an adverse reaction? There shouldn’t be any concern for them. And if some how someone did have an adverse reaction there would be so few of them that compensation for those people would be considered the cost of doing business and the company having made millions would gladly part with a bit of cash.

It isn’t just that I am silenced, it’s the ongoing villianizing of anyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated. It is the punishing of the victims, the austricizing and turning the rest of society against them. So the victims are left alone, afraid, hopeless, and, well, jobless, exciled and feeling life isn’t worth living.

The damage this is doing to society, the mental anguish, emotional devastation and financial hardship being suffered by the victims of adverse side effects is immeasurable. And for someone like me, who has fought to over come abuse, financial, and emotional devastation from previous abuse, it is coming to the point of almost incapacitating. The rug is being pulled right out from under my feet and I don’t know how to survive it. I am on the edge. Homelessness looms, casts a huge shadow over my whole life.

I know I am not the only one. The only “benefit” I have, is, I know when I am being abused and gaslighted. I know what is happening. But the only way to end abuse is to leave the relationship, how does a person do that when it is society and the government abusing you?

History repeating itself and I have this deja vu feeling that has all but frozen me. They always talk about the flight or fight reflex of someone who senses danger, but there is a third response they rarely talk about and that is freeze.

The other day I uncovered a little salamander and that is what he did. He froze, he didn’t run away, he didn’t try to fight, he froze for like half an hour. Only his eye balls moved. I felt so sorry for him.

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